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Karen Luke Jackson


Porch Rhapsody Porch

Porch Rhapsody

The pianissimo roll begins, leaves rustling

in the stillness of a late, lazy afternoon, builds

until ferns and firs, oaks and locusts hum.

Blue Bloods Horseshoe Crab

Blue Bloods

Upturned in the sand, a horseshoe
crab flails the air, its curved carapace
formed more than 400 million years

Triptych Dorothy Eloise Royal Luke

A Triptych on ...

What’s heaven like? Mama asked three weeks
before she died. She was sitting
on a red couch, frail, her eyes closed.

Heading for Home baseball

Heading for Home

Bases loaded, one run down
full count, two outs.
A high school senior

Handmaiden's Joy Pat's Cross

Handmaiden's Joy

Like grain spilling to earth 
from a silo filled to overflowing,
Your blessings lavishly anoint me.

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