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  • Karen Luke Jackson

A Secret Gift

Congratulations to Tonya on the publication of her third book, A Secret Gift, a delightful story of an anonymous benefactor who makes it possible for Halley Bowen to move to the idyllic seaside town of Port Royal to write her first novel. The only hurdle—in one year's time Halley must find everlasting love to satisfy the conditions of the gift. Full of humor, great dialogue and intriguing characters, especially Captain Mick and adorable two-year-old Tulip, this read is sure to provide a dose of laughter and brighten anyone's day.

Tonya and I go back to college days. Only when she broke her ankle about ten years ago and I gifted her with a blank journal did she return to her first love—spinning tales. Now she has avid readers in three different genres!

For those of you who might have missed Tonya's first two books, Old Mountain Cassie: The Three Lessons is a world of magical realism set in a small mountain town and Baubles to Die For is her first in a cozy mystery series. All are available on amazon and from the publishers.

To learn more about Tonya, check out her website.


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